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Oct 15, 2023

Oct 15, 2023

Great start with over 150 incredible stories!

An image created by AI is being displayed, depicting the creation of magical stories.

We launched the FroggyTales app on the App Store last month.

In the past three weeks, more than 150 stories were created, and we are truly inspired by the creativity of the children and their parents. It is so fulfilling to watch how our users are entering prompts into the App and how our engine creates beautiful stories and illustrations. We have seen some goofy and funny story prompts as well as touching and inspiring stories. We can only imagine what type of parent-children dialogues are happening on the other side of the screen.

To inspire other parents who use our App, we wanted to share a few stats in this blog.

The majority of the stories were created close to bedtime. Roughly 85% of the stories were created after 5 pm local time, and the remaining were distributed evenly throughout the day. We are hoping that we are helping the children dream about the amazing stories that they hear right before bedtime.

70% of the stories were “Adventure” stories, 13% were “Rhymes,” and 8% were “Sci-fi stories”. We were truly impressed with the quality of the stories in these three categories. Our favorite ones are the rhymes, as they bring a new level of joy for the parent to read out the intelligent stories. We had two different parents explore “Scary” stories, and we truly applaud them for instilling bravery in their children.

I have to share a few truly inspiring story prompts that gave us joy as we read their stories. I am going to change the names in the following prompts to protect the privacy of our users. A huge shout out to these parents for creating a comforting and fun environment for their children.

The most heartwarming story prompt was about a military father who was recently deployed and was leaving their children behind. Despite the story being entirely AI-generated, it felt very real, very touching, and it was beautiful.

Here is a piece of the story that I found most touching:

John and his mom flew past twinkling stars and whizzing comets. The journey was long, but John never lost hope. He imagined his dad's smiling face waiting for them at the end. After what felt like forever, they reached the place where Adam was stationed. John's heart leaped with joy as he saw his dad in the distance. Adam's eyes widened with surprise as he saw his wife and son approaching in a rocket ship.

"Dad, we missed you so much!" John exclaimed, running into his father's arms. Adam hugged his son tightly and said with a teary smile, "I missed you more than words can say, my little hero."

Here are a few other story prompts that we thought worth a shout-out because they inspired what the real parent and children dialogue:

  • A boy named Jack who traveled on an airplane to London.

  • A conversation about Islam’s benefits between a girl from Turkey and her father.

  • I took a field trip to Petaluma market with my kindergarten class and we saw a giant lamb.

There was a long list of truly imaginative story prompts.

These types of prompts give us the confidence that we are on to something important to tap into the children-parent creativity and provide them with a joyful moment to bond together. Here are our top three most imaginative story prompts:

  • Pippin the playful panda is on a bamboo forest adventure.

  • Chief Gopher brings up golf balls to the underground.

  • Viggo the beaver is learning to bake a cake.

Looking forward to reading more from our users!

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